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Ready to Become Best Dressed Wedding Guest Without Going Broke?

Some people may not think they have anything appropriate to wear. But purchasing a new suit or dress can be pricey, especially in the current high-inflation environment and particularly if you are only going to wear it once. That’s why money-saving experts say to work with what you have in your closet, and spruce it up by adding a new necklace, tie or accessory.

While it’s important for guests to pick an outfit within the couple’s requested dress code, it’s not always feasible to buy something new for every wedding. Start by evaluating what you already own, and consider how you can upcycle it. Accessories like jewelry, shoes and jackets can easily transition clothes across seasons. For example, consider pairing your favorite cocktail dress with strappy sandals and sunglasses for summer or a cozy wrap and closed-toe shoes for winter. If you have nothing in your closet, try to shop the sales, discount websites (SPAREDOWER.COM is one of them) and secondhand shops. Even borrowing from a friend or family member is acceptable.

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