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Attend a Wedding Without Going Broke

Attending a wedding is never cheap, but add inflation, supply chain delays  or living in the Caribbean to the mix, and being a guest has gotten downright expensive. That’s even if you aren’t maid of honor or in the bridal party. The average overall cost per person of attending a wedding was $460 in 2021. If you had to travel out of town, it set you back on average $1,300. It’s even pricier this year with inflation running a 40-year high.

When it comes to attending a wedding, you are on the hook for several outlays. The clothes is the biggest one. After two-plus years of pandemic shutdowns and restrictions, people may not think they have anything appropriate to wear. But purchasing a new suit or dress can be pricey, especially in the current high-inflation environment and particularly if you are only going to wear it once. That’s why money-saving experts say to work with what you have in your closet, and spruce it up by adding new shoes, a necklace, tie or accessory. SPAREDOWER makes easy buying stylish, unique, delivered in time and affordable perfect dress and smart shoes.

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